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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jewellery Coimbatore

Pure Gold

Make sure your item is worth testing. Then use a magnet and see, if it sticks to the magnet immediately, it is NOT gold. If it has a light magnetic attraction, there is still a chance your item is gold.

If the item passes the magnet test, buy a nitric acid test. Rub your item firmly on the testing stone that comes with the kit, and drip a single drop of acid onto the rubbing. If the rubbing stays strong, your item is gold; and if the rubbing changes color to orange, your item is likely a lower carat than the acid you used. Try a lower acid. However, if the rubbing turns green or fades off immediately, your item is not gold.
958 Corresponding to 23 Karat
916 Corresponding to 22 Karat
875 Corresponding to 21 Karat
750 Corresponding to 18 Karat
585 Corresponding to 14 Karat
375 Corresponding to 9 Karat

916 KDM Jewels
Gold jewellery from certain places is marked with KDM stamp. It means that the jewellery was soldered with Cadmium. Cadmium is nothing but Kadium. Kadium denotes the purity of gold. KDM was habitually used in joining of gold jewelry for its good properties of liquidity and melting at lower temperatures. Purity of gold represents the percentage of gold in the metal. KDM has a logo and certificate with KDM mark. The real gold mark is hallmarked logo. Hallmarked jewellery has logo with 22K or 18K gold. Now-a-days, jewelers are using gold solders, which are free from Cadmium.

4Cs of Diamonds
Diamonds are calculated by its four Cs Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity.

Colorless diamonds are the most attractive since they allow the most refraction of light. Diamonds also come in a wide range of other colours such as red, blue, green and bright yellow. These are marked as Z+ and are known as fancy diamonds. Diamond starts its colour with the alphabet ‘D’.
G,H,I,J--->Near colorless
K,L,M----->Faint Yellow
N,R------->Very Light Yellow
S,Z------->Light Yellow

Cut is most likely significant and demanding of the four Cs to understand. The brightness of a diamond depends a lot on its cut. The most accepted cut for a diamond is the round brilliant cut.

Is the unit of weight for the diamond. A carat is further subdivided in 100 points (0.01 cart = 1 point). One carat is equal to 0.20 grams. Value per carat increases with carat size, because larger rough diamonds occur less regularly, In other words, 2 half-carat diamonds taken together will not cost as much as 1 one-carat diamond, as the one-carat stone is more rare.

It is very familiar for diamonds to be formed with little imperfections. These are known as ‘inclusions’. A diamond’s clarity ranking is strong-minded by the number, size, type and placement of the inclusions.

How to safeguard your Diamond
1. Maintaining your diamond jewelry is very important in order to keep it sparkling forever. Skin oil and dust cause your diamond jewelry to loose it sparkle. Clean your diamond regularly with soap and water and allow them to air dry before polishing them with a soft cloth.
2. Storing your diamond individually in a soft cloth pouch, it prevents from bumping with each other.
3. In order to keep your diamond clean brush it with soft bristle toothbrush, it helps to remove the dirt which is deposited in the gap.
4. Make sure your diamonds are sitting tight in their settings to avoid stones from falling out.
5. By using stream and ultrasound a jeweler can clean diamonds. Ultrasound can sometimes worsen internal splits or defects.

Gold Certification
BIS Hallmark
BIS is Bureau of Indian Standards. It has been identified by Government of India, as a sole agency to operate this scheme in India. This is operating under BIS Act and also voluntary in nature. Rules and regulations of BIS are followed.

The BIS hallmarking scheme has been linked with International principles on hallmarking. License has been approved to the jewelers by BIS under hallmarking scheme. The certified jewelers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any recognized BIS examining and hallmarking centre. The reorganizations to this centre will be given against BIS criteria Document, HMS/RAHC/GO1 which is in line with International criteria on Marking and Control of Precious metals.

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional jewellery indicates the early Indians and how they ornamented themselves from head to toe with variety of jewels. Jewellery has occupied an extensive range from ancient time to present day. Jewelers with excellent skills are found in India. There are wide ranges of jewellery in India from religion to imaginative purity. Indian jewellery is very popular and treasured jewellery. Not only modern Indian jewellery but also traditional jewellery is a remarkable one. Indian marriages are identical to jewellery especially traditional jewellery of India looks rich and unique. There are elite and incredible designs which worked with complete traditional designs of jewellery.

There are many renowned traditional jewelry found in India. Armlets, bangles, earrings, necklace, bracelets, nose rings, toe rings, waistbands, fingerings, pendants and anklets. There are many different cultures and regions having their own designs which are unique in nature.

Famous Designs

South India is famous for its temple designs. Exclusive carved designs are the well known and very famous designs of north. Mirrored and stoned designs are famous in West part of India and beaded works are famous in east part of India.

A symbol of a married girl is toe rings, usually made of silver metal and very rarely in gold. Nose rings are very famous in India. It is used to ware by different cultures of women, right from the small girls to the married women ware nose rings, it looks very traditional. Larger nose rings indicates the wealth of husband. Nath is a nose ring which is make up of pearls and stones used by the women in western part. Anklets are also another traditional jewelry. There are two types of anklets movable and immovable. Anklets are made by flexible joining rings with silver metal it is called movable anklets. Immovable anklet looks like a bangle which is stiff in nature.

Traditional jewellery designs are found in certain places. So shopping through online senses more and also saves your time.

Gold Plating

A thin layer of gold is applied to another metal is called gold plating. The benefits of gold plating is the appearance, it looks like gold. The cost of gold plated jewels is less when compared with gold. It is commonly used in silver jewelry and also gold plating is used for decorative purpose. At least 10 karat of gold is applied in gold plated jewelry. The beauty of the gold plated jewelry depends upon the thickness of the plating. Now-a-days gold plated jewels are sold in the name of gold jewelry. By conducting the acid test we can easily find out the real gold and plated gold. So purchasing gold jewelry in a branded showroom is more advisable.
Types of gold plating:
1. Bright and hard gold plating
2. Soft and pure gold plating

Kerala Traditional Jewellery

Kerala is a state famous for its traditional jewellery. Kerala’s traditional jewels are Kasu malai, Mullai Poo Malai, Maanga Malai, Jimuki, Poo-thali, Palakka Necklace, Mani malai etc. Kerala is well-known for its beautiful designs and less weighted jewels. Now-a-days young girls are showing their interest in Kerala jewels because of its designs and also it looks big in size. Due to its less weight we should handle it safely.

Traditional jewellery of Kerala and their weight history (how many grams are need for making it) are given below:
Kasu malai ---> 32 grams
Jimuki ---> 6 grams
Chain 24 inches ---> 8 grams
Chain 18 inches ---> 6 grams
Kerala Bangle ---> 6 grams
Maanga malai ---> 32 grams


Nagas is a hand made jewel, looks traditional. Nagas are available in three colours. They are black, red and yellow. The colours can be changed by using antique polish. On those days vax filling was used while making Nagas. Nagas looks very beautiful; even now many youngsters like to wear Nagas. On those days vax filling took place while making Nagas, due to vax filling we cannot measure the accurate weight of gold only approximate weight was given to customers. But now we (Gandhipuram Sri Lakshmi Jewellery) are using latest techniques and also avoiding vax filling, this looks very attractive.

Jotha Akbar Jewellery

Jothabai jewellery is a combination of meenakari, kundan and jadaav works. It is made up of many colourful stones and enamel, looks very stylish and traditional. Jothabai jewellery are used in many north Indian weddings. Kundan stones cannot find in same shape, so stones will be selected first and according to that designs will be made, it is the speciality of Meenakari worked Jewellery. Kundan Necklace, earrings, bangles etc are very famous. The hanging of pearls at the end of jewel is considered as a special feature of kundan jewellery. Jothabai set was made in 666 grams that is 83.24 sovereign.


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The Gold Jewellery is good as the Precious metal used to create it, and all others like the design, design are only additional. The built-in value of the Precious metal Jewelry can be found in the Precious metal included in it.. The Excellent of the Precious metal used in a Precious metal Jewelry is established by its cleanliness and greater the amount of the Precious metal in it, the greater toughness hence the greater the Value.


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Thangamayil Jewellery has concern for the people, customers, community, market and environment. Thangamayil Jwellery design and manufacture quality jewels in the most cost-efficient manner and distribute them through our chain of jewellery shops all over Tamil Nadu.

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